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Given the nature of the ever-evolving IT industry, it is time-consuming to follow every website and stay up-to-date.

Our newsletters make their way to your mailbox to keep you informed about everything happening in the business and tech world. We handpick and curate content like tutorials, articles, ebooks, tools, and worthy news.

As experts say, the more you educate yourself about the space, the better awareness you gain about the opportunities available in the market.

Geekflare Newsletter is for anyone from beginners to experienced professionals.

What all do we cover?


As effortless as it may appear, the implementation of DevOps methodology requires a very detail-oriented approach and strategy to ensure the success of a project.

Our newsletters provide the most relevant strategies and expert insights on tried and tested DevOps execution, so that you can ensure smooth project deployment. Nothing intimidating, but only the best. 

All about DevOps


Nothing on the web is immune to breaches and attacks. Newer threats require an advanced and sophisticated strategy.

Get high-impact information covering cybersecurity news, analysis, research, and trends to keep you one step ahead of attackers and help you safeguard your cyber infrastructure.

Everything security


Everything seems to be changing rapidly in the coding and development landscape. Keeping up can be challenging, at times.

Hence, in our newsletters, we carefully curate some of the most important tips, tricks, and latest articles and resources that can help you write better codes, design better interfaces, and automate more of your workflow.

Code like pro


It's the 21st century, and what an exciting time to live in a world where everything around us is connected. With machine-learning evolving each second, the future looks overwhelming.

We  curate some of the best IoT content and resources for you to stay up-to-date with the latest capabilities of the IoT tech.

all about iot


It all started with bitcoin mining, and today the gap between the real and the virtual world has almost vanished as newer concepts like Metaverse and NFTs are taking over the blockchain landscape.

Stay up to date with what's new in the virtual world with our newsletters, in which we cover a range of blockchain-related topics, insights, and research.

all about crypto

Digital Marketing

As the audience today spends more time glued to screens, the traditional methods of marketing are slowly becoming obsolete forcing brands, professionals, and businesses to make a rapid shift to the digital world.

Our newsletters deal with a myriad of topics pertaining to the realm of digital marketing, like Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing, SEO, Paid Media, Influencer Outreach and much more,  to help you stay relevant to the online landscape.

market everything

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Despite my busy schedule, the Geekflare newsletter helps me stay updated with all the happenings of the tech world. The articles contain references from reliable sources, that's why I rely on them without any doubt.

Bipasha Nath, Digital Marketeer

Geekflare Newsletters are all about value-packed bits of information to consume within a few minutes. They share some of the latest tools and new tips related all business & tech domains. I personally love the Crypto, IoT, and Digital Marketing issues as they are on-point with plenty of useful tips and tricks to check out.

Dhruv Parmar, Writer

I appreciate the wonderful newsletters by Geekflare, which are skillfully edited and beautifully illustrated. The resources are efficient, prompt, and cost-effective. In the years to come, I hope Geekflare will create many more outstanding newsletters for us.

Rashma Nayab, Developer

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