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Why Geekflare DevOps Newsletters?

DevOps as a methodology bridges the gap between two of the most interdependent yet isolated departments in any organization. The merger not only created a base for smoother operations, but also paved the way for faster deliveries.

With that said, not everything under the umbrella of DevOps is straightforward to implement and act upon. It may require a thorough learning of some of the most sophisticated ways of coordination, a deep understanding of some of the tools, and most importantly, a better collaborative approach.

Through our newsletters, we intend to help developers, coders, engineers, tech enthusiasts, and tech business owners with everything DevOps, from the most relevant strategies and case studies to tried and tested models and a range of tools, so that you can become self-reliant in order to remove the barriers between the development and operation processes.

We are loved by many!

Honestly, Geekflare's newsletters have to all. From a broad level perspective to the detailed viewpoint, they leave no stone unturned while exploring everything that Devops field has to offer. New updates, new tools, latest developments. The cover everything.

Hannah Rachels Mathews
Code Release Manager

The services and tools discussed in this section bring a simplistic and user-friendly approach to understanding the features quickly. Startups, SMEs can utilize the content, and even large corporations to get insights into various latest technological aspects. It's worth coming to read these valuable posts again and again. These are valuable additions to our knowledge as well as in real-world scenarios.

Satish Sethi

Geekflare's technical expertise and grasp of the DevOps subject are excellent. They cover themes that assisted me in developing more effective delivery techniques. The tools recommended in the newsletters on a regular basis are quite helpful in successfully integrating the development and operating systems.

Mohib Ahmed
DevOps Sys Admin