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Why Geekflare IoT Newsletters?

On this journey of technological revolution, we have indeed come a long way, from the days of having massive, room-sized computers to perform basic tasks to having a nanochip tracking more than 10,000 health parameters each second. While all this and more sound like nothing short of a miracle, there’s a lot more to it.

That’s when the devices started to become smart enough to understand our voice commands, connect amongst themselves, and even respond to our neural signals. That’s what the world of IoT (the Internet of Things) is all about. The smartest age of the internet ever has dawned over civilization. As machine learning becomes more evolved, the day is not far when machines will become as smart, efficient, and understanding as humans are. Science fiction will no longer be fiction in the future, thanks to the massive amount of research that is being conducted in this field on a daily basis. 

We, at Geekflare, curate articles to cover similar topics about artificial intelligence, IoT, and the smart future to help you stay up to date with the latest capabilities of technology.

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Blake Alderson
Machine Learning Engineer

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Julie Crouch

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Nelson Bright